Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It is important that everyone know the basics of CPR.  Take this opportunity to learn how CPR works or refresh your memory if you have received training before.  Using the American Heart Association as your primary source, discuss the procedure for giving CPR.  Questions you should address include why someone needs CPR, how exactly it is performed, and how it works to save lives. When is an AED used?  In your explanation, include your thoughts on how you think you would react if you actually had to use CPR on a patient or family member.

23 and 1/2 Hours

Watch this video by Dr. Mike Evans and discuss three main points you gained from his presentation.  What statistics stood out the most to you?  What do you suggest we as a society do to encourage others to follow through with his plan? Connect this video with our current unit of study and explain how and why heart health is important. 

Get Fit

Exercise and a healthy diet are the best ways to prevent heart disease.  Can you find a way to incorporate cardiovascular exercise into your schedule?  Can you actually follow the NFL's Play 60 recommendations?  For this challenge, you have to be active for 60 minutes a day for a minimum of three days.  You need to do something out of the ordinary - try a fitness class,  go for a run, walk the dog...anything that you are not use to doing.  It is helpful to take this challenge with a group of friends or family.  Discuss what you did and write a brief reflection on the experience.  Explain why exercise is important for cardiovascular health.

Run, Walk, Volunteer

Improve your cardiovascular and respiratory health while giving back to our community.  by participating in a fun run, 5k, or 10k this six weeks.  Help raise money for a charity while developing a healthy lifestyle.  Get your friends and family to join you!  Make sure to take pictures and share with #chsAP or email them to me to verify your attendance at the event.  Reflect on the importance of exercise and fitness in overall health and discuss how exercise and fitness specifically play a role in heart health.  
Two local runs this six weeks include the Jacob Logan 5k and the Deck the Trails Nature Park 5k.  

Health Challenge: Healthy Hearts

Can you become heart healthy for 3 days?  Choose one or more of these 3 Day Challenges to improve your heart health.  Try to convince family or friends to join you.  It's only 3 days!

Was it difficult to complete?  What was the most challenging part?  Do you think you will continue?  Why is it necessary for heart health? Explain why our society should make a shift to incorporate more of these into daily practice.

Challenge 1:  No fast food or anything FRIED 
Challenge 2:  Replace white flour with 100% whole wheat
Challenge 3:  No processed food! (This one requires some work!) 


Visit the UTSW Medical School and check out the Explorers Post Program's monthly guest speakers.  Reflect on the topic presented and share what you learned from the event. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

Health Challenge - The Skeletal System

How can you alter your lifestyle to help maintain bone health in your future?  Take this 5 day challenge to become a healthier person.  You can add weight bearing exercise, calcium, potassium, or anything else to your routine or you can remove something such as caffeine. Convince family and friends to join you in the challenge. Explain how the challenge went, what exactly you did, how this was suppose to help the skeletal system, and if you plan to stick with it.